Patriotic Door Hangers for Summer!

Patriotic painted door hangers are perfect porch decor for summer time! Ideas, templates, and ready-to-paint blanks for red, white, & blue porch decor!
DIY Patriotic Door Hangers by Southern ADOORnments

I love decorating my front porch for summer! Fresh flowers in the garden, bright colors, relaxing in my favorite chair, soaking up sunshine and warm breezes are things I look forward to all year. Plus the long, lazy days of summer always get me in the mood to relax with a craft project or two!

One of the most popular summer decor themes is always patriotic – American flags, stars and stripes, and red blue and white accents. You can put it up in May for Memorial Day and keep it up all the way through the fourth of July, and it’s a festive reminder to celebrate the USA!

I wanted to share some of my favorite patriotic painted door hangers to give you inspiration for your own DIY summer decor! Don’t forget to check out my store for more ideas with my door hanger blanks, or templates and digital cut files. You can even choose different sizes, whether you want the design to be a full-sized door hanger, or a smaller accent piece to fit onto your wreath or garden decor.

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Land of the Free Door Hanger
Patriotic Red White and Blue USA Painted Door Hangers by Southern ADOORnments

This design boasts bold polka-dot “stars” and stripes, with the shape of the United States. It celebrates the “Land of the Free” from coast to coast, with a rustic burlap and ribbon accent bow. Of course, you could easily customize the text to fit your own personal message. Find this template and digital cut file, or the ready-to-paint MDF blank to make it yourself!

Love the USA Door Hanger
Patriotic Red White and Blue USA Painted Door Hangers by Southern ADOORnments

Isn’t this one fun? It’s our popular “LOVE” door hanger style with an Americana twist! The map of the USA fits right into the word and it will makes a bright statement on your front door this season! Grab the blank, or the template and digital cut file, and create it right at home!

Happy 4th of July Door Hanger
Patriotic Red White and Blue USA Painted Door Hangers by Southern ADOORnments

This retro style “Happy 4th of July” has a classic, vintage vibe that reminds me of old-fashioned fun! Family cookouts, warm summer nights, and holiday bbqs! I can see this hanging on a grandparents’ covered patio or a lake cabin porch. It’s ready for the big parade and fireworks. I love this design because it works well in all different sizes. Use it for a small ornament, or a wreath or porch sign accent, up to a full-size door hanger. Find all of the sizes here in my ready-to-paint blanks!

Patriotic Sunglasses Door Hanger
Patriotic Red White and Blue USA Painted Door Hangers by Southern ADOORnments

This door hanger mixes two summer favorites – sunglasses with stars and stripes! A poofy mesh bow really sets the look. Of course, you could personalize the sunglasses with any colors that fit your spring and summer style. Try tropical oranges and pinks, coastal turquoise blue or aqua greens, or pastel floral tones! This design is so flexible and works for so many seasonal DIY styles! Find the template and digital cut file here, or the blank here, ready for you to paint!

God Bless the USA Star Door Hanger
Patriotic Red White and Blue USA Painted Door Hangers by Southern ADOORnments

More red, white, and blue, this time on a star! “God Bless the USA” celebrates your faith with your freedom, or customize the message to anything that speaks to you! This style could fit really well with a rustic, primitive decor theme. Or, you could dress it up with bright colors and bigger bow. Here’s the blank and here’s the template with digital cut file!

Bonus: Stars Stencil
Patriotic USA Stars Stencil by Southern ADOORnments

If you’re ready to make your own patriotic painted door hangers, I also have a stars stencil available in my stencil shop that makes it easy to create perfect star shapes on your design! So whether you’re a beginner or an advanced painter, the stencils help create a professional look with a nice, even pattern!

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for designing your own painted door hangers and porch decor! If you want more ideas and inspiration, make sure you sign up for my free library of resources, too! Happy crafting all summer long!

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