Pot of Gold Door Hanger

Need some new St. Patrick's Day porch decor? Try painting this Pot of Gold door hanger! It's easy with my DIY tips, video tutorial and links to supplies!

Pot of Gold Door Hanger for St. Patrick's Day

Today I want to show you this Pot of Gold painted door hanger just in time for your St. Patrick’s day DIY decor! It’s one of our newest designs in my shop. This one has everything you need for St. Patty’s day, except the leprechaun himself! With a big pot of golden coins, a polka dot pattern, a bright rainbow, and a four-leaf shamrock clover for good luck, this will be a cheery way to decorate your front porch this March. I’m even going to use a little glitter to add some sparkle to the gold coins!

Supply List

  1. Large Flat Tip Paint Brush
  2. Small Round Tip Brush
  3. Martha Stewart Foam Dot Pouncer
  4. Hair Dryer
  5. Gold Glitter
  6.  Pot of Gold Door Hanger Blank
  7. -OR- Pot of Gold Printable Template and Digital Cut File

And DecoArt Matte Acrylic Americana Paints:

    1. Black
    2. Festive Green
    3. Antique Gold
    4. Bright Blue
    5. Orange Flame
    6. Zinc
    7. Purple Pizzazz
    8. Citron Green
    9. True Red
    10. Primary Yellow
    11. DecoArt Americana DuraClear Satin Varnish
    12. DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics Paint in Vintage Brass

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DIY Your Own Pot of Gold Door Hanger

I started with a ready-to-paint cutout blank that is etched. The etching makes it easy even for beginners! It’s just like paint-by-number kits you did as a kid. But you can also cut out your own door hanger at home using my printable template and digital cut file.

Not sure which one to use? Check out my blog post where I share the differences and help you decide if you should use a template or ready-to-paint blank cutout

Here, I’m painting a 20″ size cutout blank of the pot of gold, which is the perfect size for a door hanger. But in my shop, you can also choose several other sizes for this pot of gold, depending on how you want to use your project in your decor:

  • 20” for door hangers
  • 12” for porch welcome sign attachments
  • 8” for door hanger attachments
  • 6” for ornaments or wreath attachments

Grab Your Supplies and You're Ready to Go!

To get started, paint the black background of the pot with a large flat tip brush. Don’t forget the little lip at the top, too.

Use your large brush to make big, long brush strokes. Don’t worry about perfection, because you can always touch up little areas later.

TIP: Using long brush strokes but your paint still isn’t smooth? You might be using too much paint, or maybe it is too thick. Try adding a little water to your paint if you need to thin it out.

Now turn your door hanger around so that you can start working on the rainbow while the black part dries.

Start with red at the top, then layer on orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Don’t forget that you can always mix colors to get exactly what you want! On mine, I mixed Festive Green and Citron Green to get the perfect shade.

Then give it a quick dry with your hair dryer and go back and fill in any lines that need it.

TIP: If you notice the wood grain showing through any of the colors, try painting a layer of white underneath it first as a base.

Polka Dot Accents on the Pot of Gold

Now turn the door hanger back around to the black pot side, and use your foam pouncer with the zinc gray to create polka dots all over the pot. I liked using the bigger pouncer size to make nice, big dots. 

Do a little twist and lift carefully to make nice, even dots. (Check out my recent post about painting polka dots for even more tips!)

TIP: Make sure that your polka dots go over the edges of the side and the shamrock so that they look more natural. Use a baby wipe to get up some of the extra paint on your shamrock. But don’t worry too much – you can paint over it, too. 

Now you can paint over the lip and handles with black to remove any polka dots edges that have overlapped there.

Time for Gold and Glitter!

Now you’re ready to fill in the shamrock with festive green and the coins with antique gold. Don’t forget that you can add a base coat of white if you need better coverage! Then go back and use a small brush to touch up any areas that need a little extra paint coverage.

For finishing details, I used some DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics paint to add some little accents on top of the coins. I just put it around in different places to add some texture and interest, and to help define the edges of the coins.

Now for the glitter! Dry your door hanger really well with your hair dryer. Once it’s completely dry, grab some Satin Varnish (I used American’s DuraClear)and randomly smear it around your coins.

Work quickly so it doesn’t dry. Then sprinkle your gold glitter right on top before it dries. Tap off the excess onto a piece of paper.

TIP: Once your door hanger is completely dry, plan to use a sealant on top of it so that the glitter stays put on the door hanger.

Finishing Up the Pot of Gold Door Hanger

Finally, use some white on a small, round tip brush to add highlights and accents. I focused around the pot, the rainbow stripes, and the shamrock. Then use black to outline some of the coins, and add some definition to the rainbow colors.

Don’t go crazy and outline everything. Just get a few places here and there!

And that’s it! Your door hanger is ready to hang up on your front door! I hope it brings you a lot of luck and love for St. Patrick’s Day!

Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, this March is when we will start another one of our super-popular Spring Door Hanger Challenges! In the challenge, I will guide you through the entire process of painting your first door hanger. We will discuss how to use a template and cut it out (or you can buy the blank we will be painting at a discount). You’ll get access to a private Facebook group to paint along with me and everyone else who is starting this journey with you!

If you’re interested, make sure you like my Facebook page and stay posted on March 1st when we announce the opening of the challenge!

Check Out the Video Tutorial

And if you already follow me on facebook, I hope you caught my video tutorial of this pot of gold door hanger when I originally painted it live. If not, make sure you watch it now and I’ll show you exactly how I painted mine, step-by-step:

Once you’ve finished your pot of gold door hanger, make sure you share it in my free facebook group for painters! One of my favorite things is hanging out on facebook with all of you and getting ideas and inspiration from everyone. 

If you’re ready to start right away, you can always find the painting supplies that you need in my online shop or Amazon door hanger supply storefront. Then just grab the pot of gold door hanger blank, or printable template and digital cut file, from my online store:

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