How to Use Procreate

to Create Unique Designs

For Endless Creative Possibilities!

Do you have ideas swirling around your head but you are not sure how to go from idea to design?

Or how to turn that design into something you can use like a mug, sign, shirt, door hanger, or more?

Procreate for Makers will teach you the basics of Procreate in short, bite-sized tutorials.

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge of how to create a design that you can use in your business or sell.

Or just have fun drawing!

In the course you will learn how to:

Procreate app image

Set up the app

use procreate

Use all those buttons

Practice what you learn on a coloring page

create your own design in procreate

Create your own design

procreate library

Organize and Save your work

procreate brush library

Make the most of your Procreate experience

See what others are saying about the course:

Lauren Martin Procreate Design

“This course is so worth it! It will take you through the whole process.”

Lauren Martin

“Made this today. My first project since starting the course. Well worth it!”

Mickie Streets

“I bought Procreate over a year ago, but was to intimidated to use it. I bought a course from and online group to try and learn, but it was way over my head. Tamara’s course is so simple! I finally understand layers, color drops, and how to import photos for reference. Love Love Love my new Procreate Superpowers.”

Rene Almer

” I have learned so much. I like how it is broken down into tiny videos. It give you an opportunity to master each skill before moving on or before getting lost in a long tutorial.”

Tammy Polk

” I bought this yesterday. This afternoon I opened up the course, and within 45 minutes, I had the answers to questions I had not been able to find in the year I have had my IPad and pencil. I love the pace of the course so far and Tamara’s clear and logical instruction. I am so excited to finally be able to master Procreate with this course and a bit of practice. Thanks”

Sherry Bourbeau

Whether you are a complete beginner with zero experience in drawing or someone who has been tinkering with Procreate but would like to learn more, Procreate for Makers is perfect for you!

What you will need before you buy the course:

Procreate for Makers will help you take your designs to the next level!

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