Pumpkin Attachment – Free Template and Tutorial

It’s Fall ya’ll! I’m so excited to be walking you through how to paint this adorable pumpkin attachment. It’s perfect for a wreath attachment or to add to a porch sign.

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DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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Getting Started on the Pumpkin Attachment

I’m painting this Pumpkin door hanger today, but this technique could be used on a pumpkin blank of any size in my shop. You could even remake this on a wooden pumpkin you find in the craft aisle at the Dollar Tree. Let’s dive right in to painting our adorable pumpkin attachment.

  • Start by grabbing a 3/4 inch flat tip brush and paint the pumpkin using the color Canyon Orange. This is literally the perfect pumpkin color, I love it! You may need to add a second coat of the Canyon Orange.
  • Next, use the color Dark Chocolate to paint the stem of your pumpkin.

Add Some Details

Once the pumpkin is dry, it is time to add some polka dots! In the tutorial I use the Martha Stewart sponge pouncer, but you can also find sponge pouncers in my shop. If you don’t have a sponge pouncer don’t worry! You can be creative and trace a paint bottle to create polka dots on your attachment then paint them in. Here’s how to get started!

  • Add polka dots to your pumpkin with the color Bluegrass Green. 
  • Once your polka dots are dry, use a round tip brush mix a bit of the Dark Chocolate paint with the Canyon Orange.
  • Use this paint mixture to add contour lines to your pumpkin. 

The Final Steps

The final steps of finishing this festive pumpkin attachment are very simple.

  • Using the color Light Buttermilk, add some accents to the polka dots on the pumpkin and along the stem.
  • Use a round tip brush and some black paint to add dots and lines to the pumpkin edge.

If you’re painting a larger version of this attachment, feel free to add hand lettering. I’m attaching this to a porch sign that says “Welcome” so I’m adding it as is, but it would be so cute to create as a door hanger!

Get Access to Even More

If you loved this pumpkin attachment tutorial don’t forget that you can access it in the Free Library! The Free Library also gets you access to a free template of this exact design. Just enter your email and then you’ll be able to access a variety of free templates and tutorials. 

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