Resources for the Door Hanger Business Owner

If you’re in need of materials for running your own own door hanger business, I have a list of all my favorite places to get my supplies and tools to make your shopping a breeze. These are just a few tools to make running your business easier!

If you’re a business owner who hosts paint parties, you have probably realized that you need a few extra necessities compared to just painting door hangers on your own. I purchase a lot of my resources on Amazon, and you can find them in my Amazon Affiliate shop. As an Amazon Associate, it’s important to note that I do earn from qualifying purchases.  Let’s dive into some of my favorite products for you as a Paint Party or Door Hanger Business Owner.

Staple Gun

If you don’t own a staple gun, you are missing out! I actually didn’t even realize how many projects I would use this on until I got one for myself. From reupholstering furniture, to stapling bows on door hangers, to adding string to the back to hang door hangers, this little beauty can tackle it all. Have you had issues with your staples going through your door hanger? Checkout this blog post I wrote on some tips to keep that from happening.

staple gun from Southern A-Door-nments decor being used to staple string on a door hanger

Jigsaw and Sander

If you are cutting your own door hangers for paint parties, then this jigsaw and sander are a must-have for your business! With the right blades the jigsaw will cut your door hangers with ease. The quick release feature makes blade changing a breeze too! These blades will make cutting intricate shapes so much easier as the tight turns made with this jigsaw reduce wood splintering. Not sure which blade to use when cutting door hangers? Check out my blog post to help you choose!

As for the sander, I have used it for so long now and I still love it! The sanding pads are Velcro and the pointed tip lets you get in tight places. It’s also very easy to hold, as I know some tools aren’t ergonomically friendly. For reference, I use 80 grit whenever I am using this sander.

Getting Jiggy With it shirt, Tamara holding Jigsaw

Burlap and Jute String

You guys wouldn’t believe the amount of jute string I use! I use it to create my bows and it’s the string that I hang my door hangers with. I have a tutorial for how to make the cutest bow using jute string here on my blog!

Tamara holding a painted letter B door hanger with a burlap bow

Need Some Ideas for Shipping?

Many business owners get very intimidated by shipping. They are nervous about how to ship door hangers so that they don’t break and the customer receives a great quality product. I wrote an entire blog post breaking down how to ship door hangers, if you need some tips be sure to check it out.

Shipping door hangers at the post office

Arkon Mount

One of my favorite and most used purchases in my business would definitely be my Arkon Mount. If you’re going live on Facebook as a business owner, you need something to hold your phone and get great angles of your work too. I absolutely love mine and use it literally everyday! It also works to help take photos of yourself with your completed door hangers which can help sell your products too. If purchasing an Arkon Mount, you can use the code PAINTERSCLUBHOUSE for 20% off your order.

Arkon Mount Used by Southern A-Door-nments for Lives

These are just a few of my favorite resources for the door hanger business owner! Do you have any of these or any that you think you would add to this list? With the proper resources you can expand your business and grow!

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