“See You at Home” Baseball Door Hanger

Paint this cute western-themed cowboy boot door hanger! Get everything you need to DIY one for your porch, including a video tutorial and links to supplies!

"See You at Home" Baseball Door Hanger

Hey guys! It’s spring and that means baseball season! I wanted to share with you our “See You at Home” baseball door hanger. I love this one, because it’s not your typical baseball door hanger. Usually, they have just a baseball or home plate. This one has extra details that make it special. It’s one of my newest door hanger templates  and I recently painted it live on my Facebook account. How cute would this be on the wall of a baseball player’s bedroom or the front door of a family who spends a LOT of time at the baseball field?

If you want all of the details of how I painted my baseball door hanger, make sure you check out my full video tutorial from the original facebook live!

Supply List

  1. Large Flat Tip Paint Brush
  2. Small Round Tip Brush
  3. Filbert Tip Brush
  4. Hair Dryer
  5. Martha Stewart Foam Dot Pouncer
  6. Door Hanger Blank
  7. -OR- See You at Home – Printable Template and Digital Cut File

And DecoArt Matte Acrylic Americana Paints:

    1. White
    2. Black
    3. Gray Sky
    4. Burnt Sienna
    5. Festive Green
    6. Foliage Green
    7. Hauser Dark Green
    8. True Red

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Starting with a Door Hanger Blank for the "See You at Home" Baseball Door Hanger

I started with the door hanger blank of the baseball door hanger and painted the base white. I always like to start with a flat, wide paintbrush . It helps me paint long, smooth strokes to minimize the brush strokes. Don’t worry about the letters. Just paint right over them. You’ll see that you can still see them through the paint. Go ahead and paint around the blades of grass and then paint the ball white as well. We’ll go back and add some details to differentiate so the base and the ball don’t blend together.  Now go ahead and dry the white paint well with your hair dryer. 

TIP: I had a question from a painter about the best way to dry wooden-handled brushes. If brushes are left in water too long or dried upside down, the wood can bristle up. I always wash mine and then dry them flat on paper towel. This prevents the water from running back up the handle!

Blades of Grass in Three Greens - and Some Dirt!

We’re going to have some fun painting the grass on this baseball door hanger. We’ll be using three different greens. This will allow you to create more realistic looking blades of grass. 

First, we start with a good coat of festive green. This is a nice, bright, kelly green that is perfect for capturing that spring grass feeling.  Add a second coat to get nice, smooth coverage. 

Before we add our other two shades of green, it’s time to make this home plate look realistic. We accomplish this by adding “dirt.” Using burnt sienna paint and a wide, rough brush, you’re going to streak the paint onto the base. You can add as much or as little “dirt” as you’d like, but you want your home plate to look like it’s been out on the ball field!

Now we’ll add texture to our grass, using two different greens. I used a round-tipped brush to add streaks of foliage (light) green and hauser dark green. This gives your grass dimension. 

TIP: If you are not getting good streaks, add a tiny bit of water to your paint to thin it out. 

Polka Dot Detail for Baseball Wooden Door Hanger
You can see the detail in the grass that we created by using three different shades of green..

Finishing Up the "See You at Home"Baseball Door Hanger

I use a foam pouncer and gray sky paint to make polka dots on our baseball. Check out my post on painting the perfect polka dots for tips on making yours come out just right

Now we’ll use a small, round tip brush to add the stitches and then finish them up by making little v’s with true red. 

It’s time to letter! For these letters, we’re going to use a filbert brush. This brush is perfect for the job because it allows for nice smooth edges for more rounded letters like these. You’re just going to trace the letters that are already laser etched with the design. Lettering freehand can be the scary – but no need to worry. Tracing is easy!  

Finish up your baseball door hanger with some highlights on those blades of grass and letters. With your small round tipped brush, use black paint to outline your home plate and the baseball – adding a few squiggly lines and dots adds personality and whimsy! You can finish this door hanger off with a bow in your team colors to make it truly special. 

This door hanger makes the PERFECT coach’s gift to show your thanks at the end of the season!

I hope that inspires you to try this baseball door hanger. And if you want all of the details of each step when I painted my own, make sure you check out my full video tutorial from the original facebook live

During the live, I also mentioned template club. For one low monthly price, you can join to get early access to all of the brand new templates for the month in a big bundle. So you get first dibs on the templates and a great discount, all wrapped up in one easy monthly membership!

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Paint Your Own "See You at Home" Baseball Door Hanger

Are you ready to DIY this baseball door hanger yourself? Head over to find the ready-to-paint blank or the printable template and digital cut file right in my shop. (Not sure which one you need? Take a look at this blog post where I explain the differences!)

Or, if you love this baseball style, but don’t have time to paint one yourself, you can also buy one that I’ve already painted! It will be shipped right to your front door, ready to hang up on your porch!

Check out this post for other sports-related door hangers you’re sure to love!

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