Are you ready for a crafty good time?

Southern Adoornments Live 2024 is coming!

Join me for a can't-miss, experience of a lifetime!

When: November 15th & 16th 

Where: Sevierville Convention Center inside the Wilderness at the Smokies Resort in Tennessee!

Are you ready to unlock your painting confidence?

What is Southern Adoornments Live? 

 Get together with old friends, rub elbows with new ones, and meet face-to-face to talk and learn from an amazing group of painters and crafters that can help you become the confident painter you’ve always dreamed of being!

The 5th annual Southern Adoornments Live Event will be held in Gatlinburg, TN. Previous locations included Nashville, TN, Dallas, TX, & Destin, FL! This event will be jam-packed with amazing crafts and painting projects that are designed to help you improve your painting skills using techniques that can be applied to anything you wish to paint in the future! 

This crafty retreat is exactly what you need to light a fire in your crafting heart, enrich you with more painting friends than you’ve ever had before, and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Experience Southern Adoornments Live and the Smokies like never before!

Enjoy a beautiful stay at the Wilderness at the Smokies Resort with an indoor waterpark and more!

And, you will be able to enjoy all the beautiful light displays and the magic of Winterfest!


Craft Workshops

We believe crafting is the best form of therapy, and it can be a challenge to find time to create every day at home.

Treat yourself to two glorious days of workshops where you’ll learn new painting techniques and tricks that will make you feel like you can make just about anything!

You can try painting on ceramics, door hangers, canvas, and so much more!

No need to run to the craft store or pack up your craft closet, we will provide you with everything you need! Just bring your creativity!

Social Gatherings

We believe no one should have to craft alone! Many of you have met online already and have never had the opportunity to meet face to face.

You’ll have lots of time to make connections with others who are likely to become lifelong friends at mealtimes, while out exploring the city, and during our craft workshops.

You may feel a little bit nervous about coming to this event by yourself, but the minute you step foot inside, you’ll find that you’re not alone at all!

By the end of the day, you’ll be painting in your pajamas, laughing til your sides hurt and feeling more connected than you ever thought possible to these people who were “strangers” just a few hours earlier. 

Once you register, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group, where you can meet attendees and alums in a no-pressure setting.

Who knows? You might even find a potential bestie before you arrive that you can share a room with! 

Past Live Attendees Testimonials...


We believe that anyone can paint, they only lack practice and inspiration!

Maybe you haven’t picked up a paintbrush in years because you’ve been busy working a 9-5 job or raising kids.

Maybe you haven’t felt creative lately or maybe you’ve just been too scared to try.

No matter where you’re at, this event will help get you out of a slump, fill your heart with creativity and your mind with project ideas that are sure to ignite your inner artist.

You’ll return home feeling your creative spirit has been revived and your friends and family are sure to notice!