Sports Door Hangers for Every Fan!

Get ready for your favorite team's season with these painted sports door hangers! I'll show you some of my favorite designs and some video tutorials too!

Who’s ready to play ball?!? It’s getting closer to warm weather and we’re all getting ready for spring sports around here. So I wanted to share a few of my favorite sports inspired door hangers with you!  Whether you’re a football family, soccer mom, little league baseball fan, or just love your college basketball team, these are the door hangers you need to paint!

As usual, for each door hanger, I’ll post a link to my shop where you’ll find a wooden blank that you can order and have shipped to your house, ready to paint. Or, a printable template and digital cut file that you can use with PDF, SVG, etc to cut your own door hanger right at home! (Not sure what the difference is between them? Check out my recent blog post that explains all about it!)

And, don’t forget that in my shop, you can choose the size! I’m showing most of these as full-size door hangers, but you can also purchase them in smaller sizes that are perfectly sized as personalized bedroom decor, sign accents or wreath attachments!

Note: Affiliate links included within this post for your convenience. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

All-Sports Family Door Hanger

How many families can relate to this one?! “If we don’t answer, we’re at the game!” I know a lot of moms who need this! If you’re a busy sports family who is always running from one field to the next court, from one practice to the next game, this one is for you. 

I painted mine with some of the most popular kids’ sports – football, basketball, soccer, and baseball, but you can also change out some of the balls to another favorite, like volleyball. 

Find this one in my shop as a ready-to-paint blank! And you can also watch me paint this one live on my facebook page right here.

Speaking of those volleyball players – here’s how I customized a round circle ball as a volleyball! I used bright team colors that really pop against the gray and white background of the ball.

This one is available in my shop as an etched blank, which means that you can get it shipped to you with all of the lines etched right into it. Then it’s just as easy as paint-by-number to fill in the blanks!

You can also get it as a printable template and digital cut file, too. And this is one that would be perfect to do in smaller sizes as custom painted bedroom decor or a sign accent! The original door hanger is big and will look great on your door, but the smaller sizes add a lot of flexibility.

Take a look as I painted this one on facebook live, and I’ll show you how I used hand lettering to personalize it!

Here are some more examples of my popular “LOVE” door hangers. These are so fun and versatile that I’ve done them for a lot of different themes, from patriotic USA designs to winter and snow themes! Take a look in my shop to get an idea of all the different styles you could paint.

The two I wanted to show you today are featuring footballs and soccer balls.

They’re so easy to personalize in your team’s colors, with a fun painted pattern and a big spirited bow. Plus you can use hand lettering to write your favorite team’s name, or your favorite player’s number!

You can find both in my shop. For the football design, look for the ready-to-paint blank here, and the printable template and digital cut file here. For soccer, go here for the blank and here for the  template and cut file.

The soccer design is very flexible because you can really turn the round ball part into any kind of sports ball, from golf and tennis to basketball and volleyball.  All you need is a little creativity and you can turn this into several door hangers for different sports!

For a technique idea of how I painted the details on my soccer ball, take a look at this facebook live video that I did while painting a large, single soccer ball. They seem intimidating at first but I’ll show you my tips and tricks in this video:

When I posted about some of my favorite fall door hanger designs I should have included this football door hanger, too! You can easily customize it with your favorites, whether it’s your top NFL team or your own favorite player on the local high school team.

Personalize with a team logo, mascot, colors, or just the team name and jersey number. Add a big bow and you’re set for the season! Hang it up on your front door, or bring it with you to the big game for tailgating tent decor. And don’t forget your next Superbowl party!

Grab the printable football template here, and the ready-to-paint blank here.

Basketball Door Hanger (Painted for UK Wildcats):

Here in Kentucky where I live, basketball is huge. Especially college basketball! You might remember how excited I was when I was asked to paint a Grinch backdrop for one of our local university’s basketball games. So I knew that I had to include a basketball-themed design with all of my other sports door hangers here.

I love this one because you can customize the state inside of it. I painted this one blue and white for the University of Kentucky wildcats, but you can customize it with any state you like! Then just paint it your team colors.

If you happen to be a UK fan yourself, or have another “wildcats” team that you love, take a look at my cat paw print stencil that I used on this one. Check out the facebook live video below and I’ll show you exactly how I used it. (And wow – this is definitely an older facebook live video. Don’t laugh – you can see how much I’ve learned about the tech side of doing “video lives” since then!)

Tennis Player Door Hanger

This tennis door hanger is a fun design for anyone who loves the sport! I think it would be great for a summer themed design – maybe even for a vacation house or airbnb decor!

The two racquets can be painted in coordinating colors – I used this bright red and teal, with a yellow-green for the tennis ball.

You can find the ready-to-paint tennis blank right here in my shop. Or order the printable template and digital cut file right here.

And this is another design that I painted on facebook live! In it, I showed you how I used a squeeze “writer’s bottle” to make some of the outlines.

I also talked a lot about last year’s LIVE event, which was a huge success. And we’re doing it again this year and would love for you to join us!

You Can DIY Your Own Sports Door Hangers!

I hope you’ve all found something that’s inspired you to pick up a paintbrush and try one of the designs! If you are a beginner, just pull up one of the facebook live videos and paint along with me! As I always say, nobody’s worried about perfection around here.

These sports door hangers are a lot of fun to paint and personalize. And they’re great gift ideas for all of the biggest fans in your life! Plus – if you’re selling your door hangers, they’re usually a big hit at craft fairs and or fundraising events for your local teams. You could even host a paint party with a group of local fans or team moms!

Just grab the ready-to-paint blanks or printable templates that you need from my shop to get started:

Ready to Paint? I'm Here to Help!

Thanks for hanging out with me on my blog! Make sure you’re following me on Pinterest, too, because I pin a lot of door hanger designs and home decor ideas for every season.

Plus, don’t forget that I have lots of my favorite craft supplies in my shop and at my amazon store. There’s everything there you need to DIY your own painted door hangers, from my favorite tools for cutting blanks, to some great brushes and paints that I love to use.

If you love the idea of painting new door hanger designs every month, and getting creative ideas and inspiration with me throughout the year, take a look at my Painters’ Clubhouse! Join our members’ only group where we paint together in our private online community, sharing ideas, new skills, and fun techniques all month long. We have a great time with a lot of laughs and creativity, and I’d love for you to join us! Make sure you join the waitlist now so that you can grab a spot when it opens back up again!

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