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Let’s Break it Down 

One Template at Retail Price = $7.00

20 templates (a typical month) = $140

25 templates = $175

20 templates every month for a year = $1,680

With the Template Club, you get ALL the templates for just $42 each month!


$ 42 Per Month
(Average Savings of $105 a month)
  • 20 - 25 templates


$ 462 Per Year
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  • 260 templates
  • Payment will automatically pull, you will receive access to downloads on the 1st of each month!
best value

Hey, I’m Tamara!

I have been designing door hanger templates for over 5 years now, in 2017 I started selling them in a digital download format to my customers who struggled with creating their own!

We now have well over 1000 template designs with 5 new designs being released every Friday.

Our templates come in a variety of formats including; jpeg, pdf, svg, dxf, and eps. Each template comes with a color “mock-up” of how the design could be painted.

The templates are perfect for the beginner since they have the inner design lines and often include the lettering. They are also perfect for the seasoned “pro” who may be using a CNC or laser cutting machine since they can just download the file and upload it on their machine to cut.

Either way, coming up with new designs for your door hangers, paint parties, and craft shows just got A LOT EASIER!

Your Questions... Answered:

We would never expect you to be able to use ALL of them! However, if you ever need them, you will have them! You will be able to hop right into painting your project much faster if you don’t have to go hunting for the perfect design!

Ask yourself…how many templates did I buy last month? (You can actually log into your shop account and look at past orders) Did you spend $10? $20? $50? How many templates did you get for that amount of money? Now, think about how many MORE you could get EVERY MONTH for one low cost.

No, only the printable templates are included.

You will be able to download your templates within 48 hours after payment is processed. You will receive an email containing a link to download your templates. If you do not have your templates by the fourth of the month, please email info@southernadoornmentsdecor.com

Yes! If you wish to cancel, just email us and we will help you through the process.

Your payment will process on the first day of every month. For example, if you sign up on January 24th, your payment will process immediately and you will receive the January templates. Then, on February 1st, your payment will process again and you will receive the February templates. 

If your payment is declined,  your templates will be delayed until payment is received. If your payment is declined after three tries, your subscription will be canceled.

If you do cancel, just be sure you’ve downloaded all of your templates FIRST. Templates may not be available for download after your membership ends.

Past months can be purchased at template club prices after you subscribe by emailing info@southernadoornmentsdecor.com

You are allowed to sell the completed door hangers from these templates and teach these designs at paint parties.