Tips for Cleaning Paint Brushes 

How do you care for your paint brushes? Knowing the proper way to clean and care for your paint brushes will help them to last longer and paint smoothly!

How to Clean Paint Brushes

In order to maintain your paint brushes and get the most use out of them, it’s important to properly clean them each time you use them. My favorite way to clean brushes is over the kitchen sink. Just let the warm water run over the brush and run your fingers back and forth over it while the water hits it.

Never Leave Paint Sitting on Your Paint Brushes

It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re painting and leave your brush sitting on the edge of your paint palette with paint on it. Next time you’re painting, grab a cup of water and drop your paint brushes in the cup as you’re finished using them. Now be sure you don’t leave them in the water overnight, that’s a big no no. The handles of the paint brush are made of wood, and when they get wet, they will swell. So be sure to wash them shortly after you’re finished using them.

Water cup for paint brushes

Lay Paint Brushes Flat to Dry

The key to preserving your brushes is to lay them on a flat surface to dry. Never sit wet brushes in a cup with the bristles facing up. That water will run down into the glue of the brush and eventually ruin the glue and cause the wood to swell. Lay the paint brushes on a drying mat to dry. Once they are dry, store the paint brushes bristle up!

paint brushes laid flat to dry

Looking for Paint Brushes?

Have plenty of paint brushes but looking for more? Maybe you haven’t properly been cleaning your paint brushes and you need to restock and refresh. I have an entire blog post dedicated to shopping for paint brushes. Be sure to check it out!

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