Using Cling Wrap to Adhere a Template Design to Wood

Today, we're adding to the list of things we've made using templates from my shop! This template tutorial only requires a template, iron, cling wrap, parchment paper, and a little bit of paint.

Supply List

  1. Home Mason Jar Template
  2. chip brush
  3. liner brush
  4. cling wrap
  5. non-stick parchment paper
  6. sanding block
  7. iron
  8. small wood blank

DecoArt Americana Paint Colors:

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Why Use an Iron on this Mini Sign Tutorial Template?

Just to be upfront and honest, I was very nervous about doing this tutorial live on Facebook a couple of weeks back because I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. I saw a TikTok video by Stacey Collins of Wilshire Collections using a printed image and how to Mod Podge it to a piece of wood and I thought that’s really neat! To be honest, I really don’t like Mod Podge. Is that even okay to say as an avid crafter?! I just don’t like the way that it looks, and I struggle to get it even and make the texture on a finished product look good. I found a trick though using cling wrap, a printed template, and parchment paper to achieve the same concept without the Mod Podge and it worked! Let’s try it!

How to Layer the Supplies on the Wood

I grabbed my small wood blank from the Dollar Tree for only a dollar, you guys know I love grabbing some craft supplies there! They always have such unique and affordable options. For this tutorial, it’s important that you print your template out at the “Best Quality” setting on your printer. This will ensure that you have the brightest colors on your template which will adhere to your sign. 

To start, I cut out my printable template so that it fits over the wood blank. Next, lay the cling wrap on top of the wood blank as wrinkle free as possible. Once the cling wrap is down, lay the printable template on top, then place the parchment paper on top. Grabbing your iron set on high heat, start to press on top of the parchment paper. Spend about sixty seconds pressing the parchment paper and applying pressure. 

Disclaimer: The iron part was the trickiest part. If you’re finding that your template isn’t sticking to your blank, apply more pressure or consider increasing your heat. 

Tamara Bennett using a template to create a mini wood sign

My Template Really Stuck! Now What?

Cut the excess paper and shrink wrap off around the blank then start to sand around the edges with a sanding block until the paper starts coming off around the edges. If you’d like to save time you could use a dremel tool to sand the edges. When you’re done sanding, if you notice that the paper edges are starting to come up, put your parchment paper down and press it with the iron again so that the paper adheres to the wood.

Sanding Block being used to sand off the cling wrap and edges of the mini sign

Time to Paint the Mini Sign

Using white paint and a small flat tip brush, paint the edges of your mini sign. Finally grab a chip brush with a little bit of Tomato Red paint on the end. Paint the edges of the mini sign using the chip brush and red paint by pulling the brush up along the back of the edge of the wood sign. (You can see this in the photo below or around the twenty-seven minute mark of the replay video). You can go as heavy or light with this as you want, but once my edges were done I finished this project by dabbing any extra paint off on my template paper and it created a fun vintage texture in the background. Now, your mini sign is ready to be added to your tiered tray and displayed!

Using a Chip Brush on a Mini Sign Template Tutorial

Catch the Replay

I am pleasantly surprised with how this mini sign template tutorial turned out! My mind is already racing with other ways to use the templates in the shop now. If you missed the original video of me tackling this DIY project, you can check it out below! 

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