Using Glitter on Door Hangers

Every month in Painter's Clubhouse, we have a door hanger challenge and September's challenge was, "Let's Sparkle in September," a challenge encouraging members to add some glitter to their fall projects. Today I want to show off some of their projects and maybe give you some inspiration to pull out the glitter and add some sparkle to your next project.

Did someone say glitter? As crafters we have a love/hate relationship with glitter. It’s so pretty on our final project but dang it, it’s just so messy! Every month in Painter’s Clubhouse, we have a door hanger challenge and September’s challenge was, “Let’s Sparkle in September,” a challenge encouraging members to add some glitter to their fall projects. Today, I want to show off some of their projects and maybe give you some inspiration to pull out the glitter and add some sparkle to your next project.

Adding Glitter to a Background

First up on our PC Sparkle feature is Ashley Brumbeloe with this fun Trick or Treat door hanger! Ashley added some sparkle by glittering the polka dots in the background of this design. I love how subtle the glitter is, but it really makes that background stand out! You can find the Trick or Treat template and wooden blank in my shop if you want to tackle this design for the Fall!

trick or treat door hanger with candy corn

Adding Glitter to a Focal Point

I love to see how Wanda Johnson painted this Witchy Pumpkin last month in the Painter’s Clubhouse. She decided to add some purple paint and glitter to the black witch hat and it is giving me all the spooky, but cute, vibes! I love how just that little bit of glitter makes the door hanger shine and makes that purple pop without blending in with the beautiful florals. Thank you so much Wanda for sharing this beautiful piece with us!

jack-o-lantern pumpkin with a witch hat

Adding Glitter to Lettering

This door hanger is part of a fall challenge I did a little while back and I love to see the design still being put to great use! Janet Stinson changed it up with the glitter by adding sparkly lettering to the door hanger. I love how it makes the hand lettering stand out even more, great idea, Janet!

ombre leaf with glittered "thankful" lettering

Adding Glitter Accents

Gnomes sure have been popular recently, and I think this pumpkin gnome is so fun! Jennifer Miller painted this and shared it with us in the Painter’s Clubhouse. I love how she chose to accent various parts of the gnome with glitter. She added glitter to the hat, cuffs, and dots on the door hanger. These subtle accents with glitter go a long way, and make the festive door hanger even more fun! I especially love the plaid hat that Jennifer added.

gnome holding a pumpkin door hanger

Adding Glitter All Over

Typically this Witch Cat design is a door hanger itself, but I absolutely love the creativity that Samantha Barbee exhibited with this piece. She took the Witch Cat template and added it on a door hanger round, then added a spider web background. I am blown away by the detail that went into this piece and I love that she chose to add glitter to it too! If you’re feeling inspired by Samantha’s door hanger, you can find the Witch Cat template and door hanger blank in my shop.

witch cat sitting in a jack o lantern on a spider web background of a door hanger

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