What is Your Why? 

In a recent pajama zoom party with the Painter’s Clubhouse, members were sharing their reasons why they paint.

For some, painting is a way to decompress at the end of a long day, for others it is a way to heal after the loss of a loved one and some just enjoy the satisfaction of making something beautiful. For me and many others, however, painting has helped us rediscover our sense of identity again after being a mom, wife or caregiver.

Finding Yourself in Painting

This new identity we’ve found through painting has given us a profound sense of confidence that was lacking in our lives before. We are confident in our ability to paint something beautiful, to wield power tools, to start a business, and to fearlessly try new and exciting things we would have never done before. Painting has opened the door to new experiences and people that have shaped us into who we are. 

Tamara Bennett opening a door with a door hanger on it

Painting is Powerful

“Painting is powerful, life-changing even.” I have heard this from many members over the years. It has helped some of our members recover from surgeries, rehabilitate from illnesses and emotionally heal. Painting can be an act of self-care that supports your emotional wellbeing. This is why psychologists often prescribe art therapy for patients because it helps to release emotion. Painting is similar to meditation as it allows you to focus on the present and on the artwork in front of you as you paint, freeing your mind from worries and intrusive thoughts.

Tamara using a paint pen on a door hanger

Painting Provides Financial Freedom

For many Painter’s Clubhouse members, painting has provided a way to financially escape from a job they didn’t enjoy and begin living a life the love. Selling your art or teaching others through paint parties and workshops is a gratifying way to share your art with the world and be a blessing to your bank account. Imagine being able to do the thing that brings you joy every single day and financially support yourself while doing so. That is life-changing.

If you’re interested in starting a door hanger business, I have a blog post that provides the things you need to get started. Be sure to read my “5 Tips to Starting a Door Hanger Business” blog post as well as other business blog posts I have written. 

What is Your Why?

So what is your why? It was so much fun sitting in on the Painter’s Clubhouse Zoom Meeting and hearing everyone’s reasons for painting. Regardless of the reason, we were all brought together by our love for painting and it was beautiful to hear the different stories. 

If you’d like to join the Painter’s Clubhouse membership and connect with other artists just like you, we’d love to have you! This group is a great way to build community and learn from others. I’d love to see you there!

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