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DIY door hangers and porch decor

Tamara Bennett founder of Southern Adoornments Decor

Teaching others how to paint and turn their hobby into a business.​

I am a marine wife, mother of three, crafter, and businesswoman. That last word feels a little funny to say out loud.

I started this business while my husband was on deployment in Afghanistan. I invited women into my house for a night of crafting once a month—to save my sanity.

At the time, I did not realize I was planting the seeds for starting a business.

Check Out Our Door Hanger Blanks

Tamara with DecoArt Americana Paints

Want to know what colors I always have on hand?

I’ve made a printable list of my favorite DecoArt paints just for you!

Tamara holding a basket of peaches door hanger

Basket of Peaches Tutorial

How cute is this little basket of peaches? I’m so excited to paint this with you today! If you’re handy with a scroll saw or jigsaw , or you have a laser machine you can use one of our templates to cut the door hanger yourself. If you’re not up to cutting the door hanger yourself you can order the blank from my shop. Let’s dive right in!

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