5 Reasons to Have a Paint Party

As if we really need a reason to get together and paint a fun new door hanger. Let’s dive into some great reasons to have a paint party and why you might encourage your customers to book their next one with you!

1 - Fundraisers

Many people are often looking for unique ways to raise money for school sports or even their local youth group. Instead of selling candy bars or popcorn, get a group of people together and host a paint party for a fundraiser. It’s a great alternative to traditional fundraisers and also allows money to be raised for a good cause.

2 - Birthday Party

Ain’t no party like a paint party, so what better way to celebrate a birthday? Kids love to do crafts, and the small attachment size pieces would be perfect for a kids group. A birthday paint party is also a great option for birthdays in Winter when getting out of the house for warm weather isn’t an option.

Children's paint party biz bootcamp

3 - Virtual Paint Party

We thought the world of virtual parties was over, but how fun would it be to gather your girl gang that can’t meet up in person and have a virtual paint party! We actually do this every month in The Painter’s Clubhouse and it is so much fun, you’d be surprised how much fun you can have even when painting virtually together.

4 - Girls Night Out

Whether it’s a GNO (Girls Night Out) just for fun or you’re celebrating for a Bachelorette Party, a paint party is the perfect way to celebrate. Women love to get together and chat, so add some brushes and paint and see what happens!

Paint Party group with blanks

5 - Team Building

Whether you work for the school system, an office job, or even a store, team building events that promote morale amongst coworkers and employees are always a good idea. Finish off your next business meeting with a paint party and let your employees have a fun time while they paint and get to know their coworkers!

Ready to Teach a Paint Party?

These may not be your typical, run of the mill paint parties, but I love all of these great ideas! The main thing when it comes to teaching a paint party is that you make your party unforgettably fun! If you’re eager to teach a paint party but still need a little bit of a push to get going, check out my Paint Party Bootcamp! It breaks down everything you need to know if you want to start teaching and making money from paint parties. You can totally do this!

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