Adding a Monogram to a Door Hanger

I love personalizing the door hangers that I paint by adding a monogram. This is the perfect way to create a custom birthday or holiday gift for a friend or coworker! Today I’m going to show you a very simple way to add a monogram to a door hanger. This technique is so simple, even a beginner door hanger painter could do it!

Print Out Your Monogram

You can use a program like Canva to decide on the font you want your monogram to be. I have an entire blog post on using Canva to add lettering to your door hanger. Once you have the lettering on the door hanger the way you’d like it to be, then you can print off your monogram letter or name with your printer.

Gather Your Supplies

Now that you have your monogram letter printed out, cut around the edge of it so that it isn’t the full width of the paper. This makes it easier to place the monogram on your door hanger. Gather up some painter’s tape, a pen, some graphite paper, and of course your favorite paint brush!

Trace Your Monogram

Start by taping the top of the printed monogram on the door hanger so that it flips up. Place the graphite paper under the printout and then trace with a pen. When done with tracing the monogram, lift the flap of the monogram up and check to be sure that the letter transferred beneath the graphite paper. If it has transferred, you can then remove the tape on top of the printout.

monogram traced on a door hanger

Grab Your Paintbrush

Now that your monogram is outlined on the door hanger, all you need is your favorite paint brush to paint the monogram. For the Zinnia Monogram I painted inside the monogram lines using Coral with a Light Pink drop shadow. I painted the drop shadow with a fine tip brush.

painting a mongogram on a door hanger

Watch the Replay

Do you need a visual of how to add a monogram to your door hanger? You can catch the replay of this tutorial on YouTube as well as any other door hanger projects or Friday Fab Five videos I have recorded. 

Tamara holding the letters from the three letter workshop on a confetti background

Resources for the Beginner Painter

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