Buying Door Hangers in Bulk

I don’t know if you’ve heard the latest news, but you can now buy in bulk at my website So many people are already taking advantage of the benefits of buying in bulk! The more you buy, the more you save. So let’s dive into some reasons of why you might buy in bulk!

Cheaper Pricing

One of my favorite reasons to buy in bulk is the obvious reason of cheaper pricing! When you buy in bulk from my website, you can expect to save up to 50% off of door hanger blanks. It’s important to note that when it comes to bulk pricing in my shop, it only applies to items of the same shape and design. Take a look at what the bulk pricing scale looks like:

  • Buy 5, Save 10%
  • Buy 10, Save 20%
  • Buy 20, Save 30%
  • Buy 30, Save 40%
  • Buy 50+, Save 50% off the price!

Stock Your Studio

Do you own an art studio and have customers coming in often? Bulk pricing is a great way to fill your shelves. You could even feature a product of the month and if you buy fifty of them you could save 50% and have a great return on that design that month!

Paint Parties

You know I always speak so highly of paint parties, but I also understand that cutting your own door hangers for each party can be exhausting. If you host five parties a month with ten guests each you could order round wooden blanks (or a specific blank for that month) for those parties and you’d receive 50% off with bulk pricing! This would allow for you to profit even more on these parties.

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids love a fun project! Stock up and have a painting station at your next birthday party! I’ve realized that the eight-inch pieces are perfect for kids and it’s typically not too much for them to paint before they get bored!

Kids Painting Wooden Floral Horse Sign

Craft Fair Prep

One of the final reasons for purchasing in bulk that I’m going to mention today is to prep for a craft fair. You can stock up on pieces to paint for a craft fair with our bulk buying options. If you’re prepping for a craft fair, be sure to checkout my blog post on painting door hangers in bulk. It will come in very handy as you prep multiple products for your upcoming day!

Painter's Clubhouse member, MaryLou Menegatti, set up an amazing craft show in HER driveway!

Shop Door Hanger Blanks and Buy in Bulk

I am so excited to be offering bulk purchasing options to my customers on my shop website. There are a ton of blanks to choose from and since we are now cutting them ourselves in our new Southern A-Door-nments Shop we are so excited to be offering this new bulk pricing! I can’t wait to package your orders!

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