Crafting on a Budget

When you first start learning to paint, you will start seeing “things I could paint,” everywhere you look! But if you buy everything you think you’d like to paint, your new hobby will get expensive. Fast. Happily, It doesn’t have to be that way. I’m going to share with you some of my best tips and secrets for crafting on a budget!

Sometimes you simply need to look at an item and think to yourself…can I make this into something different? For example, an old picture frame. Could you paint it a new color? Maybe add embellishments like flowers or rhinestones. ‘Cuz who doesn’t love a little bling? 

Today I’m going to share 5 places I love to scout for super affordable things I can either remake or paint to make my own. 

Let’s go shopping!

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1.Thrift Stores

Look at this desk I found at a local thrift store for only $7! It just needed a little TLC, some fresh paint, and a quick Cricut personalization. Voila! The perfect desk for my husband’s man cave. 

When you’re crafting on a budget, thrift stores are your best friend! We have several thrift stores and peddlers malls in our area. I bet you do, too! These are great places to look for items to “upcycle.” Upcycling is when you take something old and make it “new” again by painting it or adding to it. 

Tip: I love to look for anything made of wood like picture frames, old wooden signs, or furniture pieces. I also love to pickup mason jars, scraps of fabric or ribbon, and even old windows or shutters!

Bonus – items in thrift stores are super affordable! 

USMC Marines Man Cave Desk Painted Furniture Makeover by Southern ADOORnments
Thrift Store Wood Desk for DIY Painting Project by Southern ADOORnments
Thrift store painted mason jar cheap christmas craft by southern adoornments decor

2. Yard Sales

Next stop: yard sales! Every weekend, in every town, you can find a yard sale. And yard sales can be the perfect place to find items needing love and attention in the form of paint! 

I never pass up mason jars! Check out this blog post to see how I turned a yard side find into this adorable Christmas decoration. 

Tip: Keep at eye out at yard sales for old windows, cabinet doors or home decor that can be painted or embellished. 

The really great thing about yard sales? You can haggle and score a real bargain!

Pumpkin Orange and Green Fall Bundt Pan Wreath for Autumn by Southern ADOORnments

In this Facebook Live video, watch me turn a bundt pan into a fall wreath. Because, who doesn’t love pumpkins?!

As you’re browsing yard sales and thrift shops, keep your mind open to the possibilities! This bundt pan is just one example of repurposing something random from the home into a cute piece of autumn decor!

I go live on Facebook weekly, sharing tips and techniques to help you create painted wooden door hangers and other crafts. Follow the Southern A-Doorn-ments Decor Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss a thing! 

4. Clearance Aisles and Dollar Stores

Next, we’re going to get smart at some of our favorite stores! Almost every store has its own clearance aisle. In these aisles, you’ll find items that may be slightly damaged or missing pieces. No problem! If you’re going to use something for a craft project, a bit of damage or a missing piece might not matter. And if you’re extra crafty, you may even be able to repair it! 

I love checking out the clearance aisles at Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Michaels. 

Tip: While you’re out and about, don’t forget to shop Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target for affordable craft supplies. Crafting on a budget is easy when fun finds can be turned into unique decor items like these adorable pumpkin garlands and Easter garlands

Shopping at Michael's while crafting on a budget by Southern Adoornments
Before After Repainted End Tables Furniture Makeover by Southern Adoornments
Repainted end tables furniture makeover by Southern ADOORnments

5. Your Own Home

Look around your house for items you are tired of looking at. We all have decor we bought years ago – or even last year – that is out of style, or our taste changed, or we just don’t like it anymore. Those items can often be painted and updated. 

A while ago, I took these end tables that weren’t bringing me joy anymore and updated them with paint and new hardware. I love how they turned out! 

And when I was ready for a new look, I headed back to the thrift shop again! More paint and I had fresh new furniture for cheap!

Side table painted thrift store furniture makeover by Southern ADOORnments

6. The Scrap Pile

Wood Scraps for Crafting on a Budget by Southern ADOORnments Decor

What could be better for crafting on a budget than supplies that are FREE?!

Some of your may have a pile of scrap wood just begging to be put to some use. I can help!

Take a look at your pile and see if you have some pieces you can cut into blocks. These can be turned into cute, painted block decor or even Christmas ornaments. 

If you don’t have a scrap pile, your probably know someone who does! Many times Lowe’s or Home Depot – or even your local lumber yard – have a pile of scrap wood they are unable to sell. They may cut you a great deal on it – or even give it to you for free! 

Look what my friend Kara from Kinsley’s Creative Palette showed us live on Facebook.

She upcycled her scrap wood into this trendy buffalo plaid Christmas decoration with cute gnomes! 

You’ll be amazed by what she was able to make from her own scrap pile. 


Maybe you have some scrap wood but can’t decide what to do with it. Check out this blog post where I teach you how to paint an wood ombre sign like this one. A piece of scrap wood could make the perfect canvas for this work of art!

Wooden wall signs can come in all shapes and sizes which makes them a perfect opportunity to repurpose some of that leftover wood you have from another project!

If you’re a total beginner at painting these door hangers and need just a little bit of a confidence boost before you get started, head to my blog post for beginners. I will ease you into painting with some techniques and basic supplies to help get you started. 

Just Be You Painted Arrows Ombre Sign by Southern Adoornments Decor

We’ve talked about where to find great deals or unexpected treasures when you’ve caught the crafting bug. But I’m sure we all agree, there’s nothing better for crafting on a budget than finding it for FREE. Make sure you take advantage of my FREE template library. It’s a library filled with FREE templates of some of our most fun and most favorite door hangers!

But that’s not all! For each template, there is a FREE video tutorial you can watch where I teach you how to paint that door hanger. And there you can also purchase a blank door hanger if you are not quite ready to cut your own. 

Make sure to follow me on Facebook, where I regularly go LIVE with door hanger painting tips and tutorials. And where we just have fun sharing – and exploring – all things door hanger! 

Check out my Amazon store where you can find many of my favorite products for painting door hangers. 

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Painter's Clubhouse Membership by Southern ADOORnments
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