Farmhouse Cotton DIY Door Hanger

This cotton "HOME" door hanger is the perfect farmhouse accent for your front porch decor! Find out everything you need to DIY this painted door hanger!

If you’ve followed me for very long at all, you know that I love bright colors and whimsical designs. No matter the season, I can always mix in a pop of pink or a touch of turquoise. But farmhouse home decor is so popular right now! Soft neutrals, warm textures, and rustic touches blended with modern design. So even though it’s not my usual style, I wanted to create a new line of farmhouse-inspired cotton DIY door hangers.

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These new designs were inspired by my sister-in-law’s farmhouse style decor. She asked me to create something for her front door that would go with the rest of her style. So I designed five new templates that are all cotton themed with less color and more neutrals! It was very hard for me to do because I absolutely love color, but I am in love with the results that I got!

The design that ended up on my sister-in-law’s front door was this cotton milk jug. I also taught the painters’ clubhouse members exactly how to paint this one in our September group. It was a big hit!

But I really loved this new “HOME” design and decided to paint it on Facebook Live (click here to watch!) 

The fall feels like a perfect time for this door hanger, now that all of my friends in the south are posting their gorgeous family photos from the cotton fields! So grab a seat and I’ll show you everything I did to paint mine!

HOME DIY Cotton Door Hanger by Southern ADOORnments

Cotton "HOME" Door Hanger



Don’t you love how the shading really brings out the texture of the cotton?


Get Ready to Paint!

DecoArt Paint for Cotton Door Hanger by Southern ADOORnments

We started with all of our basecoat colors, then added in a couple of fun patterns on the H & E. We left the M patternless so that the design didn’t feel too busy.

Then I explained how to pull all of the patterns together and make the design feel unified overall by making a black outline using a round tip brush. The brush size is very important when doing this. If you go too small, it’s not going to look right. I used a size 6. You just need something that’s going to hold enough paint so that you can make lines without having to re-dip in the paint too often. 

Next I demonstrated how to add some white highlights to really make the design pop! Those little white highlights really make all the colors shine and make the door hanger come alive!


This is a fairly easy door hanger to paint, although not so easy to cut out if you are using a jigsaw. But totally worth the time it takes! If you would like to paint your own, we have the printable cut template and blank available in our shop.

Make sure you watch all these steps and see exactly how I painted mine in this quick video tutorial:

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