Gobble Turkey Door Hanger Tutorial

Hey y'all, I am already gearing up for all things Thanksgiving and Fall because it will be here before we know it! If it wasn’t a consistent ninety degrees in Kentucky, Fall would already be here.

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This Gobble Turkey door hanger is such a great option for a beginner door hanger painter because all you need is a circle wooden blank and the template from my shop to trace. If you don’t have access to wood or a jigsaw to cut the door hanger yourself, you can purchase an etched blank in my shop. Etched blanks are perfect to purchase because they come ready to paint and are similar to a color-by-number drawing you would color as a kid. 

We’re going to start painting the door hanger by painting the background behind our turkey.

  • Get a little bit of water on a large flat tip brush and dip it in the color, Victorian Blue, to paint the background. Paint all around the outer edge of the turkey.
paint brush painting around the edge of the turkey on the background with the color blue

Paint the Gobble Turkey Door Hanger

For the next step, we’re going to start painting our turkey, the main focus of our door hanger!

  • Using the color, Sable Brown, paint the body of the turkey, it’s okay to go ahead and paint over his face too.
  • Using a pencil, add a hat band with a buckle.
  • Grab black paint to paint the hat on the turkey.
  • Paint the hat band white as a base coat.
  • Paint the eyes of the turkey using black paint.
  • Paint his beak using orange. You may need to add a second coat to this later.
  • Paint his gobbler using the red paint.
  • Paint the buckle using the color, Marigold.
close up of the turkey body painted with feathers in the background and a black hat with a white belt and gold buckle

Paint the Feathers

When it comes to painting the feathers, you can refer to a photo or template if you need to reference which feathers are painted what color. Feel free to get creative and change up the colors or patterns for yourself, but I’m going to walk you through what I did!

  • Start by painting the two feathers that are second from the bottom red.
  • Switch to the color Pumpkin Orange to paint the feathers above the red feathers on the turkey.
  • Paint the feather beside the turkey’s face and below the red feathers using the color Sunset Gold.
  • Paint the final feather using the Laguna color.

Paint the Gobble Turkey Door Hanger

I absolutely love using sponge pouncers to add polka dots to my door hangers. You can find sponge pouncers of different sizes in my shop. I used the smaller sized sponge pouncers for this project.

  • Paint teal colored dots on the yellow feathers of the turkey with a small sponge pouncer.
  • Switching to another small sponge pouncer, add white polka dots to the orange feathers.
  • Add red polka dots to the orange feathers with a small sponge pouncer.
  • Add orange polka dots to the blue feather.
  • Finally, add yellow polka dots to the red feathers.
using a sponge pouncer to add polka dots to the turkey feathers

Add the Details and Lettering to the Gobble Turkey Door Hanger

Now that our turkey is painted it’s time for the final steps! We’ll add lettering and some final detail. Normally, lettering could be done with a paint pen, but this lettering is thicker and chunkier than most lettering, plus the color might be difficult to replicate in a paint pen.

  • Trace over the etched lettering using a paint brush and the color, Laguna.
  • Using a 5M Posca Paint Pen, start to outline the feathers on the turkey and the turkey’s body. Don’t forget to outline the buckle to keep it clean!
  • Use a White Posca Paint Pen to add dots to the turkey’s eyes and some highlights along the door hanger.
Tamara holding the Gobble Turkey door hanger in front of her pallet wall

Watch the Replay

Are you more of a visual learner? You can catch the replay of this tutorial on my YouTube channel. While you’re there be sure to subscribe! If you remake this door hanger for yourself, be sure to share it in my free Facebook Group called Door Hanger Painting Tips. 

Are You New to Door Hangers?

Is this the first time you’ve ever painted or considered painting a door hanger? Be sure to check out my free eBook! It’s called “Beginner’s Guide to Door Hangers” and it will teach you all the basics of getting started when painting door hanger. It is a step by step guide that will have you creating your very own door hanger! Just put in your email and it’ll send you a link to download the free eBook for yourself.

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