How to Create a Leopard Print Pattern

Just like polka dots, leopard print is such a fun pattern to add to a door hanger to make it pop! Many people are intimidated by painting leopard print, but I'm going to show you how simple it really is to DIY the leopard print pattern on your own.

Using a Stencil to Paint Leopard Print

If you’re a beginner painter, you may opt to use a stencil to paint leopard print when starting out. I actually have a Digital Cut File in my shop for a leopard print stencil that you can use to make your own stencil. Digital Cut Files can be used in die cutting machines such as Silhouette and Cricut and laser cutting machines. Once you have your stencil, simply position it on the door hanger and paint over it. This is a super easy way to paint leopard print!

Paint Leopard Print By Hand

Ya’ll know I love painting leopard print and will use any excuse to add it to one of my door hangers. You will be shocked to know that even as a beginner painter, painting leopard print is something you can definitely do! All you need is a round tip brush and a single paint color. I really like to use monochromatic colors when painting leopard print. This means that if I am painting on a blue background, I like my leopard print to be just a shade or two darker. To paint leopard print by hand you’re going to take a round tip brush and create a “squiggly c” pattern across your door hanger. These “c patterns” are going to go back and forth and be turned every which way on your door hanger.

Want to Spice Up Your Leopard Print Pattern?

If you’re wanting to add a little extra to your leopard print, consider adding fine glitter paint or a second color to the mix. This little detail can change the whole look of your project. Go over the leopard print lines with glitter to really make them sparkle! If you want to add a second color, do it on the inside of your leopard print lines like you see in the scalloped heart below. You can watch the tutorial for how I did this on my Facebook page!

box of chocolates

Watch Me Paint Leopard Print

I painted an adorable leopard print pumpkin for fall! If you’re a visual learner, check out this tutorial where I painted it live on Facebook. I love how it turned out and the use of the subtle colors. Watch the replay and let me know if you decide to add leopard print to your next door hanger project! Share it with me on my next “Made it Monday” post that you can find on my Facebook page every Monday. It’s a great place to get feedback on what you’re painting and get ideas and inspiration for your next project!

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