My Top Five Favorite Door Hangers of 2023

Come see my favorite creations from 2023! I had so much fun painting these door hangers with you!

It was so hard to pick my top five favorite door hangers from 2023. I looked through almost all of the door hangers that I created over the last year to figure out which ones are my favorites and these are a few of my favorites that I narrowed it down to. So in no particular order, let’s get this fun started! 

Tamara holding a door hanger that says "welcome" and has flowers in the background on a painted wood pallet background. Picture reads "my favorite 2023 door hangers"

Hello Spring Flower

Tamara holding a flower shaped door hanger that reads "hello spring"

Every time I see this door hanger, it still makes me smile. I think it’s the color combination that I went with, it’s just so pretty! I was also really proud of the sharing that I did on this door hanger. Between the little accents and the bright colors, it feels like this door hanger pulls together in a way that just feel like me. If you love this door hanger too and want to get ahead on some Spring door hanger designs, head to my shop to grab the template or the blank

Welcome with Flowers

Tamara holding a round door hanger that says "welcome" with pink flowers and greenery

This door hanger also has a really fun color palette. Typically I add black outlines to my door hangers, but this I didn’t. I also don’t typically do colored lettering, however the yellow lettering on this door hanger is one of my favorite things that makes it stand out! This door hanger is also really great for paint parties because it only has six colors. You can watch the replay on my YouTube Channel and find the template and the blank online in my shop. 

Lola the Cow

Door hanger with highland cow with flowers on head that says "welcome" across the top. burlap bow on top of door hanger that is hung on teal door

This door hanger is going to come at no surprise to anyone because you all know how much I loved her this year – our beautiful Lola the Cow! We painted her together last Spring for our Spring workshop and she came with a whole herd of cows that you can purchase in our shop. There’s a cow for every season, but Lola has always been a favorite! I think this was a personal favorite for me because I felt very challenged by it. I wasn’t sure if I could paint her hair to look real so I was so proud of the end result. 

Hello Summer 

woman holding a door hanger that says "hello summer" with daisies around the edge

This door hanger was a favorite for me because there are a couple of different techniques that were used. The woodgrain paint technique that I did on the background I was super proud of. I did it for the first time on Facebook Live and it turned out so perfectly. I also love that letters have a very light ombre effect which to be honest was a total accident but it turned out so cool. This door hanger happened to be one of the first door hangers that we ever sold that had 3D pieces. 

Hello Fall 

woman holding a door hanger that says "hello fall" with white picket fence and leaves

This was another 3D door hanger that we painted this year, but we made it so special. We put grass behind the fence then also did grass on top of the fence which made it look really cool. I also did a fun shading technique using my spritzer bottle. The distressing on the fence was just another reason to love this even more. Such a fun design, but also very tedious. I loved it! 

Where to Find These Door Hangers

If you want to find any of these door hangers you can find them at You can get the wood blanks in multiple sizes with the exception of the 3D ones, those are only available in one size. I would love to know what your favorite door hangers are. We have five new designs that hit our shop every Friday so be sure to check that out every week for more fun door hangers paint! 

Join Big Box of Blanks and Paint with Me

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