New to Painting Door Hangers and Not Sure Where to Start?

If you are a beginning door hanger painter then my downloadable ebook, Beginner's Guide to Door Hangers, has everything you need to get started! You can grab your copy on my website.

Are you new to painting door hangers and looking for some tips on getting started? I have over five years of experience teaching people just like you to paint door hangers. I created a Beginner’s Guide to Door Hangers ebook that is perfect for you and it’s completely free! Whether you’re an avid crafter or a beginner painter, the tips and techniques in this guide will be perfect for you. Let’s dive into some of what you can expect to learn from it.

Type of Wood to Use

First things first, when it comes to cutting and painting door hangers, is the type of wood to use. The type of wood you use makes all the difference in the quality of your door hanger. When I was starting out, telling someone the type of wood you used would be such a taboo topic. However, I want to act as the resource for you that I didn’t have when starting out. In my Beginner’s Guide to Door Hangers ebook, I tell you the exact type of wood I use and where to find it. I even link it for easy access!

Tamara choosing wood

Template Overview

If you’re a beginner to painting door hangers you may or may not know that you have two options when it comes to blank door hangers. You can either order a blank door hanger from my shop that’s ready to paint or you can use a template to cut a blank door hanger yourself from wood. In my Beginner’s Guide to Door Hangers ebook, I give the rundown on how to use a printable template, how to cut and sand your door hanger, and how to trace the template on your blank door hanger.

Tamara Bennett piecing together a template

Which Supplies To Buy

When you’re just starting to paint door hangers, you might be unsure of which type of paint is best and which supplies you should use. Beginner’s Guide to Door Hangers ebook breaks down which supplies to purchase and how to use them when painting and lettering. I also wrote this guide to include which type of protective finish I use when I am done painting my door hangers. You spend a lot of time perfecting your door hangers so choosing a proper protective finish is so important!

The Finishing Touches

As you finish your door hanger, you may want to add a bow. I have a whole section in my Beginner’s Guide to Door Hangers ebook on how to make bows. In this section, I provide you with tutorials on how to make a few different bows to add to your door hanger so that you have some variety. I follow up the bow making with some tips on hanging your door hanger, and voila, your door hanger is ready to go.

Download Your Free Beginner's Guide to Door Hangers E-book

If you are a beginner door hanger painter, then this downloadable ebook I wrote has everything you need to get started! You can grab your ebook on my website, just add your name and email and your free Beginner’s Guide to Door Hangers ebook will be sent to you via email. You can even download the ebook so you can always refer to it! I can’t wait to see what you paint!

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