Paint Storage Ideas for the Crafter – Part 2

I’m back today with more great ideas of how to store paint bottles. If you missed part one of this post, be sure to head to my bog and catch up! I asked my Facebook community how they store craft paint bottles and they did not disappoint with a ton of ideas!

Make it Decorative

Let’s be honest, as crafters we tend to be very creative. Put that creativity to good use and display your paint in ways that can be decorative. That’s exactly what Kathy Blackshear and Jean Doran do! I love the patterns and unique ways that they have chose to show off their paint bottles. Kathy has created a honeycomb pattern along her wall and filled it with paints, and Jean has a beautiful flower design with various color schemes in each petal. So creative! 

floral shape on wall filled with paint bottles
I love how Jean has displayed her paints in a flower with different color schemes for each petal.
Paint Bottles stored in a wooden honeycomb shape on wall
I love how Kathy's setup adds some color while also being functional!

Paint Storage Holders

How vibrant and fun are these paint storage holders that Sara Eatmon shared with us on Facebook? I love that she utilized her wall space by hanging them up. They look so good! Color coordinate your paints and add to your wall for a pop of color in your craft room. As a bonus, you can easily see which colors look best together by pairing the bottom of the bottles together. 

paint storage bottle organizer hanging on wall
Sara Eatmon uses paint storage holders to organize her paint bottles!

Storage in Tote Boxes

Lauren Martin shared this photo of how she stored her paint in a nice little tote box. I love this idea as they can be tucked away in closets, under desks, or even in tote box drawers. I love this idea for keeping your workspace clean and clear when you’re not painting. 

paints stored in tote boxes

Storing Paint Bottles on a Rolling Cart

Talk about convenience! Christen and Steph use a rolling cart to store their paint bottles. If you don’t have a permanent work space this idea is perfect for you. You can even store other tools on the different shelves and just wheel the cart around wherever you need it to be at the moment. 

paint bottles stored on a rolling cart
Christen Bee's rolling cart used to store her paint bottles!
Rolling cart with paint bottles and paint supplies
Steph Lynn uses a rolling cart to store paint bottles.

Still Looking for More Ideas?

There are so many great ideas that followers submitted via Facebook. If you’re looking for other ways to store paint bottles, be sure to check out part one of this blog post. There are also many other great suggestions still in the comments of my original post on Facebook. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who submitted a storage idea for paint bottles! 

If you like to feel inspired and encouraged by other people, or you just like to have more idea inspiration, be sure to check out Painter’s Clubhouse. It’s my membership featuring everything you need to build your painting confidence as well as a community of painters to build you up and encourage you. I hope to see you there soon!

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