Painting a Door Hanger Four Ways 

I recently hosted a “Some Beach Party” and went live to paint this fun beach door hanger four ways!

I recently hosted a “Some Beach Party” and went live to paint this fun beach door hanger four ways! It was such a fun week filled with a new technique or tutorial each night. If you want to enjoy this creativity and learn a few new techniques as you learn to paint this door hanger four ways, you can sign up to get this template along with all the supply lists and videos for FREE!

Tutorial One - Perfect for the Beginner

I really enjoyed setting these different tutorials up for the different skill levels of my audience. I know not everyone is an advanced painter and that they’re not all beginners either. If you are brand new to painting, this door hanger that I painted first is a great place to start! You can paint it on any wooden round that you might find at a local craft shop or even in my shop at

Tamara holding a wood round door hanger

Tutorial Two - Perfect for the Beginner Wanting to Cut a Door Hanger

This door hanger was so much fun as we actually shifted our door hanger from a wooden round to a wooden shape that accentuates the umbrella. This is a great starter door hanger for the beginner painter and also the individual who might want to try to cut their own door hanger blank with a jig saw or scroll saw. Want to try cutting a door hanger but aren’t sure which saw is for you? Check out this blog post, “Scroll Saw or Jigsaw – Which is Right for You?” to determine which saw you would be most comfortable with!

Tamara holding the Some Beach door hanger

Tutorial Three - Learn How to Create an Ombre Pattern

Tutorial three sure was a fun one! We took that same door hanger shape from the second tutorial and this time used the ombre technique on the background. I love the effect it gave on the sky behind the beach. So many people really get thrown off with how to do the ombre technique, but I will break it down step by step and walk you through it!

Tamara holding a door hanger that says "some Beach...somewhere"

Tutorial Four - Perfect for the Glitter Lovers

As crafters, we have a love/hate relationship with glitter don’t we? Let me tell you though, this door hanger was a blast to create and is so shimmery! I love the way that it turned out! If you’re looking for something beach that is sure to sparkle, check out this fun tutorial!

Get Access to the Free Template and Tutorials

Tamara holding the "Some Beach" door hanger

I am so excited to offer this series of the “Some Beach…Somewhere” designs and tutorials to you in one little package for FREE! By signing up you will gain access to the template, four supply lists, four video tutorials, a link to purchase the etched round, and a whole lot of creative ideas to use for future projects! Do you want access to all of this for FREE! You can sign up here and create an account where you can enjoy my creativity and learn a few new techniques for yourself!

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