Pineapple Door Hanger

Aloha friends! Summer is one of my favorite seasons and this fun pineapple door hanger would be the perfect addition to your front door this summer. Follow along and let’s paint it together!

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Getting Started on the Pineapple Door Hanger

How fun is this bright pineapple door hanger? Makes me so excited for warm summer weather. Let’s dive right in to see how it is made!

  • Paint the pineapple background white. This will help the yellow to not be as transparent.
  • Using a flat tip brush and yellow paint, paint over the white.
  • Grab some Forest Green paint to paint the stem at the top.
  • Once the paint is dry, grab a ruler and a pencil to create the criss cross lines on the pineapple.
  • Using the color, Yellow, and a round tip brush, paint over the criss-cross lines and add brush strokes as you paint the right side of the criss-cross to create a shadow.
  • Switch to the color, Nutmeg Brown, and a round tip brush to sweep the paint along the criss-cross lines again, just not as far as you did with the Yellow.
  • Use white paint on the opposite side of the diamonds that the criss-cross created.

This technique might seem a little tricky as I’m explaining it, but you can catch the tutorial in the free library and watch the step-by-step if this is confusing! The variety of colors and techniques help to create the texture on the pineapple. 

Adding Details to the Pineapple Door Hanger

Once our pineapple door hanger is painted, it’s time to add some highlights and details as well as hand lettering.

  • Using a round tip brush and black paint, accent the leaves on the pineapple stem.
  • Add a wiggle line outline around the edge of your door hanger with some occasional dots.
  • Add some white paint to your round tip brush and accent the leaves on the pineapple stem.
  • Switching to black paint and a round tip brush, hand letter the word “Aloha” onto the door hanger.
  • Grab a round tip brush and add some white highlights to the lettering.

Access the Pineapple Door Hanger Template and Tutorial for Free

Ta da, your pineapple door hanger is ready for its big debut! If you loved this pineapple door hanger tutorial, don’t forget that you can sign up for access to the free library which gets you access to a free template of this exact design. Just enter your email and then you’ll have immediate access to a variety of free templates and tutorials! 

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