Using Stencils to Paint an Ombre Arrow Wall Sign

Stencils make painting this ombre arrow sign so easy! Paint along with me and I'll show you how to paint your own custom DIY wall decor with stencils!

Using Stencils to Paint an Ombre Arrows Sign

You all already know my love for DIY door hangers! Well, sometimes it’s fun to use those painting skills and make something new and different. This time, I wanted to personalize an inspirational piece of wall decor for my little girl’s llama-themed bedroom. So I decided to paint this ombre arrows wood sign for her room! And now I want to show you exactly how I painted it by using a stencil for the arrow pattern.

Supply List

  1. Flat Tip Paint Brush Set
  2. Small Polka Dot Sponge Brush
  3. POSCA Black Paint Pen
  4. Hair Dryer
  5. Arrows Pattern Stencil
  6. Wood Plank
    (I just found a scrap piece of wood in our shed that was the right size)

And DecoArt Matte Acrylic Americana Paints:

  1. Cotton Candy
  2. Peacock Teal
  3. Coral Blush
  4. White
  5. Bahama Blue

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How to Paint an Ombre Background Design

Ready to paint your own ombre arrows sign? Here are the easy steps I used to paint mine!

I decided to use four colors on my sign – two pink-ish tones and two blue-green tones. I used a wide flat tip brush for the ombre background. 

I planned to paint my darker pink color, coral blush, on each end, then fade to the lighter pink. Then, I wanted to transition to my aqua color, Bahama Blue, and finish with the darker turquoise Peacock Teal in the center.

First, I painted my outer strips of coral blush. Then, without rinsing my brush, I just overlapped with a new coat of the cotton candy pink and pulled it out towards the middle. Here you have to work quickly so that the paint doesn’t dry! You want to be able to go over it and blend the lighter with the darker.

(Don’t forget to paint the edges to match!)

TIP: If you are a slower painter, or you just want to have a little more time to blend, you can also add a little Matte Medium to your paint to help it stay wet longer and blend more easily

Next I added my teal color. It’s a little trickier to get the blue transition to blend with the pink and coral tones, so just take your time and slowly go over it. You can rinse your brush and add some more coral, too, to help the transition.

I finished in the center with the darker turquoise. I blended from light to dark to transition the colors. Then I let it dry completely so it’s ready for the stencils. 

TIP: You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process!

Hand Lettering and Arrows on Top of the Ombre Sign

Now it’s time to use the stencil on the sign to add the arrows detail on top of the ombre background!

Line up the arrows stencil and dip your foam sponge pouncer into the white paint. Gently dab the sponge over your stencil. Don’t get too much paint on your brush or it might seep under the stencil and smear your design.

Next, gently lift your stencil – voila! You have arrows! Give it a quick dry with your hair dryer so the paint doesn’t smudge. 

Now line the stencil back up on the rest of your sign to repeat your steps and finish the pattern.

After stenciling, I let the last coat dry completely.

I decided to use an inspirational phrase, “Just Be You” to personalize the sign for my daughter.

Then I used a pencil to hand letter the phrase onto my sign.

Once I was happy with the hand lettering, I grabbed a Uni POSCA paint pen size 3 2.5 mm in black to trace over the letters.

Once I had the outline of the letters in black, I went back to thicken the letters where my hand would naturally do a downward stroke. This made a nice calligraphy effect.

Your Ombre Arrows Sign is Ready to Hang!

And that’s it! This was a quick and easy project that I know my daughter will love in her bedroom. And it is so easy to match the colors to her room decor and personality. If you want to use your sign outdoors, or just want the finish to be a bit sturdier, you could always add a sealant on top.

I hope you’re inspired to try some of your own DIY home decor! The stencils make it easy even for beginners.

I design my own stencils and cut them out myself. You can buy them right from my shop

Or if you want to try cutting out your own follow my instructions here, and check out the supplies you need from my amazon shop.

You can also brush up on your stencil technique by looking over this post I wrote with five of my best stencil tips

Check Out the Video Tutorial of the Ombre Arrows Sign!

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