Valentine’s Day Painted Door Hangers

Get ready for Valentine's Day by painting your own DIY door hangers! Check out my designs, links to supplies, and full video tutorials to make it easy!

Valentine's Day Painted Door Hangers

It’s hard to believe that it’s already several weeks into the new year! But that means it is time to start getting out your Valentine’s Day decor, of course. So I wanted to show you some of my favorite Valentine painted door hangers. These are so cute and fun, and I’ve included some video tutorials below so that you can DIY them, too!

For each door hanger, I’ll post a link to my shop where you’ll find a wooden blank that you can order and have shipped to your house, ready to paint. Or, a printable template and digital cut file that you can use with PDF, SVG, etc to cut your own door hanger right at home! (Not sure what the difference is between them? Check out my recent blog post that explains all about it!)

And, don’t forget that in my shop, you can choose the size! I’m showing most of these as full-size door hangers, but you can also purchase them in smaller sizes that are perfectly sized as sign accents or wreath attachments! You can see how I used one of them on a porch welcome sign to get an idea of how versatile they can be.

Note: Affiliate links included within this post for your convenience. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

"Love You a Llama" Valentine's Day Door Hanger

How sweet is this colorful llama? It was a lot of fun to paint. Llamas are so trendy right now, plus this door hanger is different from so many other ones you see! You’ll definitely get compliments if you hang this one on your front door.

This is one design that I painted together with my Painter’s Clubhouse members. We played around with some of the colors and experimented with the technique on the fur to give him some fluffy definition. 

If you’d “love” to DIY your own llama door hanger (pun intended!), grab the ready-to-paint blank or the printable template and digital cut file right from my shop.

Box of Chocolates Heart Door Hanger

Let’s face it – you can’t think about Valentine’s Day without thinking about chocolate! And this sweet heart-shaped box of candy is going to look great on your front door, or maybe even on your kitchen wall or living room mantel!

I painted this one live on my facebook page, so make sure you check out the video and follow along! I’ll show you how to create the lace-inspired edges and the details on each piece of candy. 

In the video, I started mine by using a printable template. But I also offer this design as an etched, ready-to-paint blank. That means that you can see exactly where to paint each chocolate, and it’s as easy as those “paint by numbers” projects that you used to do as a kid!

They’re both available for you in my shop. Find the etched blank right here, and the digital cut file and printable template right here. And take a look at the video tutorial below, too!

Painted Valentine's Hearts

I wanted to show you an example of what a difference your colors and technique can make when you’re painting door hangers. So here are two Valentine’s Day hearts that I painted using the same basic heart shape cut into the wood. But look at how different they look! 

The first one is floral, sweet and romantic, with soft pinks, green, and blue, and gorgeous roses.

The second one is fun and sassy, with a bold pink and black leopard print and gold paint accents. It really stands out!

So don’t be afraid to play around with different colors and patterns to fit your mood and decor! The same basic door hanger design can have a whole new look just with a few changes.

You can create your own unique Valentine heart by grabbing the ready-to-paint blank or the printable template and digital cut file here. It’s actually the same printable template as the box of chocolates, so you can create several designs from one basic design!

I painted both of these live on my facebook page, too. Head over to watch them and get the full video tutorial and see how I painted with different techniques. Check out the floral roses heart here, and the bold leopard print heart here!

And like I mentioned, I actually painted these in a smaller size than a door hanger. I wanted to use them as an accent piece for a painted “Welcome” sign on my front porch. Look at how nicely it turned out! Plus I can change out the accent piece for each season and celebration.

"Be Mine" Valentine's Day Pick Up Truck Door

Everyone loves these vintage pick-up truck designs all year long! They’re versatile for every season and holiday and they have such a great nostalgic, retro vibe. You can see that I offer quite a view variations of this design in my shop. For example, here’s one that I posted for Christmas, and another one that I made with pumpkins for fall.

Well, this truck is full of Valentine’s hearts just in time for February! I liked using the blue polka dots on the truck for a nice contrast with the red and pink valentines. And tied the whole design together with a fluffy bow! 

If you want to DIY this one, it’s available as an etched blank, ready-to-paint, or a printable template and digital cut file. Or if you’re eager to get this one on your front door, you can even buy one that I’ve already painted that’s ready to hang up!

This is another design that I painted live on facebook, so you can check out the full video tutorial if you want to see exactly how I did mine:

I can’t wait to see which of these door hanger designs you’re going to paint for Valentine’s Day this year! Jump on over to my facebook page and share your finished photos!  You can start with any of these blanks and templates that are scrolling below, or take a look at some of my newest Valentine’s day door hanger designs in the shop! (Did you see that sweet little otter yet!?)

Ready to Paint? I'm Here to Help!

Thanks for checking out some of my Valentine’s Day designs! Make sure you’re following me on Pinterest, too, because I pin a lot of door hanger designs and home decor ideas for every season.

Plus, don’t forget that I have lots of my favorite craft supplies in my shop and at my amazon store. There’s everything there you need to DIY your own painted door hangers, from my favorite tools for cutting blanks, to some great brushes and paints that I love to use.

If you love the idea of painting new door hanger designs every month, and getting creative ideas and inspiration with me throughout the year, take a look at my Painters’ Clubhouse! Join our members’ only group where we paint together in our private online community, sharing ideas, new skills, and fun techniques all month long. We have a great time with a lot of laughs and creativity, and I’d love for you to join us! Make sure you join the waitlist now so that you can grab a spot when it opens back up again!

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