Winter DIY Painted Door Hangers

Looking for cute winter porch decor? Create your own DIY painted door hangers with some of my favorite designs, including links to everything you need!

Not sure what door hangers you should paint now to get ready for the rest of winter, once Christmas is over and your holiday decor is finished? Take a look at some of my favorite winter themed painted door hangers that can brighten your door for the rest of the season!

Is it just me, or January one of the hardest times to decorate?? We’re past all the bright lights and warm colors of our Christmas and seasonal decor. The tree is down, the garland and greenery are dried and brown (or packed away for the next year), and the rooms all feel a bit cold and empty. The weather outside is bleak and dreary, and spring still seems a long way away.

Well, worry no more! Here are some warm, cozy and whimsical DIY designs that are sure to bring a smile and warm the hearts of your guests, even on a cold winter’s night!

For each door hanger, I’ll post a link to my shop where you’ll find a wooden blank that you can order and have shipped to your house, ready to paint. Or, a printable template and digital cut file that you can use with PDF, SVG, etc to cut your own door hanger right at home! (Not sure what the difference is between them? Check out my recent blog post that explains all about it!)

And, don’t forget that in my shop, you can choose the size! I’m showing these here as full-size door hangers, but you can also purchase them in smaller sizes that are perfectly sized as sign accents or wreath attachments!

Note: Affiliate links included within this post for your convenience. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

"LOVE" Snowflake Door Hanger

These “LOVE” designs are super popular for all different themes and seasons. (Just take a look at all of the design options that you can choose like this! I have some that I’ve highlighted in other blog posts, too).

Well, this wintery snow version is perfect for your post-holiday blahs! You have the opportunity to choose a different color and pattern for each letter. And doesn’t this winter color palette remind you of Frozen?!? This is a painted design that would be a perfect gift or bedroom wall decor piece for your favorite Anna and Elsa fan!

You can grab the ready-to-paint blank or the printable template and digital cut file right from my shop.

Whimsical Snowmen Door Hanger Designs

Look at these two snow men! This first sweet, cuddly snowman is one of my newest door hanger designs. His polka dot scarf and jaunty cap are a warm welcome to your front porch decor! If you follow me on Facebook, you might remember when I recently painted this one during a facebook live video

You can find this blank here in my shop, and the digital template and cut file right here

And this second snowman is also a cutie! It’s a nice close-up so you can really add some small pattern details to his winter hat! Anytime that you can use bright colors in your winter decor, go for it!

You can find this snowman’s printable template and digital cut file, so you can cut your own door hanger at home and get started right away. Or, grab the ready-to-paint wooden blank and all you have to worry about are the painted details!

Tip: If you’re not ready to freehand the details of the snowman’s face, take a look at my Snowman Face stencil that makes it easy even for a beginner!

Winter Scene Door Hanger With Cardinals

I tend to paint a lot of fun, whimsical designs. I like bright colors and cute styles! 

But sometimes you really want a more classic, traditional style. And this lovely winter scene fits the bill! 

These friendly cardinals are painted right onto a “classic frame” door hanger. So you could paint any scene or style that strikes your fancy, all with a single template!

Find the blank right here, and the digital cut file and printable template right here.

Cup of Hot Cocoa Door Hanger

This hot cocoa mug is another brand new design and it’s already getting popular with some of my facebook followers! You can easily customize this one to your decor by matching your color scheme, too.

You can find this blank here in my shop, and the digital template and cut file right here

And as a bonus, make sure that you take a look at this recent facebook live video. You can watch me paint this hot chocolate door hanger on my facebook page, including some tips about painting with shading:

So which one of these designs are you ready to try next?? Check out all of these featured design options in my shop to give you a jumpstart on your next project!

Ready to Paint? I'm Here to Help!

I hope that these door hangers have given you some inspiration for your front porch and winter decor! I can’t wait to see how you personalize them and make them your own. Make sure you’re following me on Pinterest, too, because I pin a lot of door hanger designs and home decor ideas for every season.

Plus, don’t forget that I have lots of my favorite craft supplies in my shop and at my amazon store. There’s everything there you need to DIY your own painted door hangers, from my favorite tools for cutting blanks, to some great brushes and paints that I love to use.

If you’re just finding out about door hangers and how to paint them, I want to encourage you to check out my blog post for beginners. This post has a lot of tips and techniques that will help you start painting confidently.

If you love the idea of painting new door hanger designs every month, and getting creative ideas and inspiration with me throughout the year, take a look at my Painters’ Clubhouse! Join our members’ only group where we paint together in our private online community, sharing ideas, new skills, and fun techniques all month long. We have a great time with a lot of laughs and creativity, and I’d love for you to join us! Make sure you join the waitlist now so that you can grab a spot when it opens back up again!

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