XOXO Door Hanger for Valentine’s Day

My brand new XOXO Valentine's Day door hanger design with leopard print! Come see the full video tutorial with links to everything you need to DIY it.

XOXO Door Hanger for Valentine's Day

A new door hanger design just in time for Valentine’s Day! I just had to paint this new XOXO template from my last template release! Hugs and kisses plus big juicy lips – won’t they look super cute with your February porch decor? I used bright pink and red colors for the lipstick, and added a black and white stripe. Then I did my easy leopard print technique and touched it all off with some gold accents!

I’ll show you everything you need to paint this door hanger, plus a link to a full video tutorial where you can see exactly how I painted mine.

Supply List

  1. Flat Tip Paint Brush Set
  2. Filbert Tip Paint Brush
  3.  “XOXO” Valentine’s Day Door Hanger Blank
  4. -OR- “XOXO” Printable Template and Digital Cut File

And DecoArt Americana Paints:

  1. Primary Red
  2. Wild Berry Pink
  3. White
  4. Black
  5. Burlap Tan
  6. Burnt Sienna
  7. Dark Chocolate
  8. Metallics Bright – Vintage Brass

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Pucker Up and Paint This XOXO Door Hanger!

This is a perfect door hanger for a beginner painter, because there aren’t a lot of details that you have to add. And you can go simple and basic, or really get creative with a fun pattern.

To get started, head over to my online shop. There you can choose either the ready-to-paint MDF blank, or the printable template and digital cut file so that you can cut your own door hanger at home. (Not sure what the difference is? I explained it in this recent post!)

A word of caution – although this door hanger is a good painting project for a beginner, it is actually a tricky one to cut out! So if you’re brand new to cutting out your own door hangers with a jigsaw, you might want to stick with the blank with this one.

If you do choose to paint the blank, there’s an option to purchase it etched. An etched blank has all of the lines you need etched right onto the blank. It’s as easy as those paint-by-number projects you did as a kid! Honestly, though, this design is so simple that you can easily paint the basic blank and just outline it on your own.

Start With the Basics

Gather up your materials and soon you’ll be painting! I started by painting the background color of the lips. I chose a bright pink and classic red to mimic some of my favorite lipstick colors.

For the two X’s, my original plan was to paint them in coordinating colors. But then someone in my free “Door Hanger Painting Tips” facebook group actually posted one that they had done with leopard print spots and zebra stripes! And I loved that look! Leopard print is still really hot right now. I’m seeing it in clothing stores, home decor pieces, everywhere!

That’s when I decided to do a vote between the two styles on facebook while I was painting it live. And leopard print was the winner! So I began painting my first “X” with black and white stripes, and my second “X” in a brown and tan leopard print.

Adding All the Details:

For my striped “X”, I did a very loose, shabby chic style of stripes. It was all freehand with a small flat brush. Like I always say, we’re not about perfection around here!

Then it was time to paint the leopard print spots. This time I used a Filbert tip paint brush with my Burnt Sienna color paint.

You can see my easy leopard print painting technique in the full video below. But basically I start painting little blobs randomly around the X. Then I go back and line part of the edges with my darker color. Again – don’t worry about perfection! In fact, you don’t want it to look perfect and symmetrical. The blobbier the better, like a messy polka dot!

Once I have all of the basics done, it’s time to go back and add the accents and highlights.

First I grabbed a bigger Filbert tip brush with the white paint to add highlights. I try to think about where the light would naturally hit and reflect back, and add them there. 

Then I like to go back and add outlines to make all of the designs pop! I used black paint to outline the lips, but then I decided to go back and add some metallic gold paint in Vintage Brass to the X’s!

I love the touch of luxury and glamour it adds. To tie it all together, I finished with a few gold highlights on the lips, too. 

Ready to Hang for Valentine's Day!

Look at how trendy and sassy this one turned out! I’m really glad that we used the leopard print. It makes a fun statement that is bold and bright, which is perfect during the dreary February weather around here.

Of course, if you want a more sweet and whimsical style, you could do it with more pastels and traditional Valentine’s Day colors. Check out my recent round-up of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day door hanger designs for more inspiration! Or take a look around my shop for some of my newest Valentine templates and designs that were just released.

Watch Each Step of This Hot Cocoa Mug Door Hanger:

If you already follow me on facebook, you might have already watched this hugs and kisses door hanger video tutorial when I did it live.

If not, make sure you add it to your playlist to see the full DIY painting process from start to finish! Check it out below. 

I’m so excited that we’re planning another “creative retreat” for you all with lots of door hanger painting, guest crafters, tips and info sessions for having your own paint party business, swag bags of free goodies, and just lots of fun and crafting together. I hope you can join us, too! Just make sure you check it out before tickets sell out!

And that’s it! Make sure you post your finished Valentine’s Day door hangers on my facebook page or in my free facebook group for painters! I love seeing how creative everyone gets with their designs. Plus, I go live on facebook every Tuesday with a new video to show you my newest designs, favorite painting techniques, and my most popular tips and suggestions.

Don’t forget – you can always find the painting supplies that you need in my online shop or Amazon door hanger supply storefront, and grab door hanger blanks or printable templates and digital cut files from my online store:

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